Adventures from the Road

24 Hours In An Enchanted Valley Available in Paperback or E-book Now on Amazon

“Sharon (aka “Tashara”) is THE most powerful Ancient Soul/Wisdom Keeper/Guider/Healer of Hearts/Crystal Skull Life Force Healer I have come to personally know on our planet.  Though her loving, humble, and generous demeanor may be what first draws you to her, soon you will discover the layers of channeled and embedded Spiritual wisdom and insights which instantly roll off her tongue, emanating from her vast Cosmic Heart, which resides in a much higher vibrational frequency/realty.  She truly understands many secrets of our Universe and how to attain LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, and ONENESS in these exciting yet challenging, and ever-changing times as we transition from the heavy, low density of our 3rd Dimensional Earth experience, into our beautiful, higher frequency NEW Earth paradigm!  If you are deeply committed to completely stepping into YOUR OWN spiritual mastery and knowingness, and are willing to dig deep to release every pattern and belief that no longer serves your Highest Good, consider it a blessing to be personally mentored through Tashara, as I too have been for many years.  Just reading one of her books, or blogs, is a potent simple start that can shift you instantly if you are open!”  ~Andrea

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