What if you are the creator of any world you choose?


World in Your Hands

The Creators say they need help” God laughed. “Boy did they forget, they created earth and they stood right next to me and now beg for money or health.” When will they remember they can create anything they choose, they do it every day. Just look at what they have created on earth, and they think they need me.” He/She laughed even harder.

Many look at what they see on earth and bemoan that they couldn’t or wouldn’t create war, disease or abuse. But you did. What if you created those things to experience the emotions they draw up? We had perfect on our home planet. We decided that we wanted to experience the opposites. That was where the playground lies. What if we had labeled negatives as good? What would you believe now? Would you be struggling, in pain and lack? No. You would think you were in heaven. Perspective is everything. Labels are everything. What if you re-labeled everything and made them a positive.

Many times we ask for money. We get angry and feel betrayed by God (or whatever name you have given your creator) when our $20 doesn’t arrive.

“Why” we plead? God always answers, “You don’t need me. You have the tools inside of you. Use them. You know how. You are the creator.” The joke is really on us. We plead for what we already have, but have chosen not to see. We can manifest perfectly. We do it every day. Look around you. Everything you see you created. You used Sources energy force and thought it, spoke it and there it is. You brought it forth, like magic. You come from Source so you are the Divine Creators He/She sent to Earth to create for Him/Her.

I can hear your thoughts yelling in my ear. “She is a quack. I would never have created this.” You would have if you remembered the full picture, the reason you came, and why you created negatives. Every word you speak stands in front of you in perfect form. If you lack money what words come out of your mouth? I can’t afford it, I don’t have enough, I have to work longer hours to provide what I need, others have more than I. God loves others more than me. If you say those words then you have lack.

We believe we say what we see, but it is the other way around. We see what we say.

If you don’t like what you see then change what you say.

Once again I can hear your thoughts. But that is lying. I don’t lie. Pretend until it becomes your truth. When we manifest a habit we continue with the habit until we choose a different way to act. We begin the practice of letting go of the habit. If we begin to learn a different language, we begin to learn it one word at a time. Does that mean you do not speak Spanish? No it means you are learning to speak Spanish. Is that lying? No it is a process and once you master the process then it becomes truth. Pretend you have money, feel you have money, love the idea that you have money and when it is a firm feeling within your heart then you can have your money. Not a moment before. You work at it and you master it then achieve it. It is no harder than learning a new job or how to paint. You do it and it manifests.

When you create something it becomes permanent. When another gives it to you or you win the lottery it is not held within your heart as a creation of yours so you hold it for a small amount of time and then it disappears. Most lottery winners go bankrupt. We cherish what we create ourselves. Love our creations and they will remain. Speak and feel our creations and they are ours forever.

Speak what you want – not what you don’t have. Conversations today are usually about what we hate or no longer want and then we wonder why we continue in the same path with the same issues. Change your perspective. Change your thoughts. Change your words and your life will change. That is the Universal Law.

The Universe does not judge. It can’t. It is pure energy and pure energy cannot distort. It can become blocked but never distorted from its purest form. If it hears you say “I want or I need,” it hears you want to want or need something. It doesn’t hear I am asking you to bring it forth. If you say you are fat it hears you want to be fat, if you say you can’t find a job it hears you don’t want a job. It always gives you everything you say on a silver platter, believing it is exactly what you want.

Use your analytical mind right now and you will lose the message and continue where you are. Mind or ego will never understand the precepts I am offering you. Only your heart and soul will understand. If you are having problems following this, switch from you mind to your soul. What would your soul believe? Your soul would never set out to harm you. It is the most pure and loving part of you.  Believe your soul. You have tried believing your ego and how is that working for you? New ideas and concepts bring new magic.

When we came to earth the agreement we had with Source was that we wanted to do it on our own. Source agreed to let us come to earth and all the tools we needed were implanted into our beings.

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