Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving brought trepidation, aha , police arrival, five star meal and sharing our meal with strangers and pure gratitude.

Moving to Alabama, waiting for houses to sell and purchase another , found my son, his wife and daughter Tim and I in RVs in a campground. For fifty years Thanksgiving brought friends family and strangers to our home to enjoy food, friendship and gratitude. We usually feed 20-30 wonderful families. But, this year how would we cook a feast in a tiny rv kitchen? We considered buying a precooked dinner but that simply would not fly. Putting our heads together we finally had a plan.

Menu included Turkey cooked in the fire pit, twice baked savory yams with Brie, twice cooked mashed potatoes with butter, cream, sour cream, onions and cream cheese, gravy, string beans with bacon , shallots, and garlic stuffing with cranberries, apples and almonds rolls, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler and pumpkin roll. Could we do it? It was any bodies guess. We had a half-half oven, three burners and two small sinks, a small oven and a fire pit.

Dinner was on and I picked up my phone to answer my many Thanksgiving text’s. Phone froze and while trying to close it down for a reset I sent an emergency alert. Hospital called but my phone was frozen so I couldn’t answer. Soon a police car arrived, blue lights flashing. A very kind police officer arrived. Tim met him outside to explain. But that isn’t the end of the story. He wanted to talk to me. I met him at the door and once again explained my stupid phone, well maybe I am the stupid one. He listened patiently then asked if he could come in just to check to see if there were any dead bodies. Thank God there were none. He left and we sighed. Back to dinner. Finally it was on the table. We gritted our teeth just hoping it was at least edible. Much to our surprise it was a five star meal. How could that be, we had cooked the turkey in a fire pit for heaven sakes?

In the mean time a darling family of four walked by and stopped to question what in the world we were cooking. As they continued their walk the man said “guess I will go and try to find some food.” We began to worry, could they be without food or just lonely. As always my son and I began plotting how we could feed them without hurting their feelings. We decided to simply invite them to join us. My granddaughter and I Walked down, knocked on their door and waited. No one answered. We noticed their car was missing. Disappointed we returned to our meal. Leftovers were placed in a pan with Happy Thanksgiving and we rushed it to their picnic table.

1Our family always have loved taking gifts to unsuspecting strangers , drop, ring bell and run. I loved being the masked gift giver and taught my children to be the same. Smiling we crashed in our RV, drinks in hand and reviewing our miraculous, funny day when at the door stood the family of four. They knew it was us they said. We invited them in for dessert. We shared, we laughed. We got to know each other and their little ones climbed into my lap where hugs were a plenty.

We said goodnight to our family and new friends, turned out the lights and with a smile on my face, great gratitude in my heart for my magical life I curled up in bed and fell asleep.

Now what will we do in our RV for Christmas?

Love Brings Joy – Fear Brings Negativity

Tashara Speaks – 11-2019

The other day I heard a conversation about Congress and how we need to get fresh blood and more honest politicians. The consensus was that it would never happen. My soul had been prompting me that Congress and the whole political system would make great changes within a couple of years.

How could we make changes in Congress when the very safeguards that were made by our ancestors to protect our American rights had been taken away from us by rigging elections. We lost our power to vote and for our votes to count with that one move by “The Club”.  That is what I call the ones who have taken control of the world and are hidden from our sight.

I KNOW it can happen if my soul tells me it will. But, how? A giggle tickled my ears. “What if Congress and “The Club” had a pill, a vaccine or a tincture they took once a month that kept Cancer from entering their bodies? Or what if the lettuce we ate was sprayed with disease and Congress ate lettuce that was protected? What if humanity was not offered the same protections but was given Cancer, disease etc. by a planned manipulation? And what if one human made a mistake and gave “The Club” the wrong shot, the wrong pill or the wrong lettuce? What if humanity was given the protection just once? “The Club” could disappear almost instantaneously.

What a concept. Soul made it clear that it could happen very differently but that it could happen and that easily. It would only take one person.  My perception shifted instantly.

Bureaucracy, politicians, religious leaders and the media have been very successful in planting seeds in our minds telling us we have no power, we are sinners, we are not successful beings, we are puppets that must bend to their will. Big Pharma has convinced us that disease comes from viruses and that only they can heal us with their drugs that has more deadly side effects than they cure.

In fact, the only thing that causes disease is an emotion called FEAR.

Fear creates stress which reduces our immune system, creating holes in our aura and breaks down our physical bodies. Scientists know this today. Does the media report that? No. They report the lies the Club gives them and we believe them.

We have been forced into roles that create stress, separation from friends, neighbors and family. We now believe that we must be “doing”, every moment of the day without reprieve and renewal of our souls. We have been given rules for absolutely every part of our lives, holding us prisoners to filling out forms that make no sense at all. We spend our days doing things that keep us from growing, loving, playing and nurturing our loved ones.

“The Club” has been very successful in creating and manipulating our world into a place where we are bound to everything that is not good for our souls. We live in a world of hate, anger, low self-image, lack and disease. While we partake of that world, we no longer have the strength or desire to watch what they are doing, leading us deeper and deeper into their prisons. Hope, love, harmony and compassion have been replaced by stress, fear, anger and hopelessness. They have us right where they want us.

Absolutely everything in our world that brings us stress, disease, lack, unhappiness is brought on by just one thing. FEAR! We have been brainwashed into Fear. It is a fact that Fear and Love can not exist in the same human at the same time. Everything brings fear into our lives now. Love is rarely exhibited in our lives. Even the elections are being manipulated into anger, hate, separation and fear. We no longer love others, we hate, we fight, we judge, we are offended ad we are afraid of the very ones who are our brothers and sisters. It was all in the plan and we bought into it hook line and sinker.

If we can only feel emotions that come from Fear or those that come from Love, the answer to every single problem we face today is by choosing which emotion and its counterparts we want to feel. Fear or Love. Rules, disease, dysfunctional relationships, lack, hopelessness all come from fear.

Drop our fears and guess what. All that is left is Love. Love brings joy, abundance, peace, beauty, fun and oneness. It is that simple. We can change absolutely everything in the world by just dropping all fear and stepping back into our divine natures that are only able to emit love.

We now have so much protection from our spirit beings that we have nothing to fear unless we choose fear. Drop the fear just as you would take off your coat and drop it on the floor. Pick up your armor of love and watch everything that holds us prisoner quickly dissolve out of our reality. Choose!

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay

Love is all there is

Many years ago my husband and I had taken the family camping. I walked into the laundromat and was quickly greeted by an elderly man who smiled but grief filled his whole being. He seemed lonely so I waited while my clothes were washing and kept the conversation going. He was a pleasant man, grey hair, blue jeans and a grey shirt. As he started to leave he slowly turned back and took a long look into my eyes. “My wife and I planned our whole lives to buy a trailer and travel the country when I retired. Every year for seven years she begged me to retire, but my answer was always, next year. Last year I finally agreed. I retired, we found the perfect RV, mapped out our adventure and two weeks before departure she died in her sleep. I now travel alone, doing the things we planned to do together, but I am alone.” A tear fell down both our cheeks. “Don’t wait to do what you dream about, young lady.” He turned and walked away. I never forgot his message. Was he my private angel? I think that he was.

2020 is the year of stepping into the new world. Massive changes are arriving affecting every human on the planet. Say yes to every opportunity, dropping all fear and just leaping is the answer. Holding on to the old ways will only make your challenges more difficult. Go for it. Let’s change the world. Love will be all there is!!!!!!

Expectations Don’t Always Make Us Happy

Have you ever wondered why you end up someplace other than where you intended?

We made reservations at Legend Lake located within the Custer State Park in South Dakota. We packed up our rig and headed out. The day was beautiful. The sun shone brightly while a gentle breeze moved the grasses quietly back and forth. Tim was smiling from ear to ear which in turn made me smile. We arrived quickly and without incident. As we drove through the forest my spirit soared as it always does in the mountains. The air was fresh and Tim’s hawk followed us diving in and out of the trees, stopping occasionally to sit on a fence post to wait for us to pass by. I smiled as he saw us and flew on ahead.

We passed six other campgrounds before arriving at our chosen one. They were all beautiful and beckoned us in. Tim parked “Finally” expertly and we climbed out and headed for the camp hosts office. No one answered as we rang the bell. A young man, blond hair, blue eyes, shorts and tennis shoes yelled “No one is there.” He explained that him and his wife and son did not have reservations but they were hoping for a spot. We finally discovered a phone number we could call. Our spot was not what we expected. It was not a regular spot but one on the side of the drive with only electricity. Odd I thought. The young man finished his call and told us there were no spaces available.

As they began to drive away I looked at Tim and knew he was thinking the same as I. I waved the young man down and invited them to stay in our site as there was plenty of room.  It was late in the day and everyone was tired. He graciously agreed. I stopped quickly and asked for the Most Benevolent Outcome that the camp host would not kick them out or even notice them.

The young couple quickly began preparing for the night. We began setting up and the young man knocked on our door. “We are going to the store. Is there anything we can pick up for you?” How sweet I thought. They drove out of the park and we went for a short walk. On the way back we saw the camp host parked at our site. I once again asked for the MBO and greeted the hosts. The husband began telling us how his grandparents had come from Poland. His mother was born here in the U.S. They had began camping in the park 35 years prior and seven years ago they began volunteering as camp hosts during the summer. We talked for several minutes,  showed the couple the inside of our rig. They noticed the teardrop and asked how we towed it. I didn’t lie as I never choose that path. We just explained that our friends had come to visit. The hosts asked not a single question and drove away.

We spent the evening visiting with our new friends who were from Canada and playing with their delightful little 18 month old son. I quickly fell in love with that darling little family. Daddy loved to chase Ezra around and play ball with him. Ezra loved to smile and high five you any time you told him “Good job.”

The next morning we packed up and sadly told our new friends goodbye. They invited us to come stay with them if we ever went to Canada and we promised we would. They encouraged us to take Hwy 17 which goes all the way East and West. We hugged each other and I climbed into my seat as a tear slid down my cheek.

Why didn’t we get a regular space as expected? Because they were too small. The space we had was perfect. Without a change in plans we would never had the opportunity to make these marvelous new friends. We wouldn’t have experienced Ezra and his special smile and high fives. Even more importantly, we would have missed the chance to help someone. We wouldn’t have been able to make the choice do we or don’t we? I always say yes when I can help others and so does Tim. What would have happened to that little family that night. It was just before the Eclipse and everything was booked. Would they have had to sleep on the side of the road. I don’t know. I just know that I experienced once again a miracle and I thanked the Universe as we climbed into bed that night.



Day Two – August 16, 2017

Our first night on our adventure we stayed at a KOA RV park in Hot Springs, South Dakota. It was beautiful there and the camp hosts were marvelous. We set up camp and then relaxed enjoying the beautiful view of the magnificent pine trees when a rafter of wild turkeys came strutting by to say hello. There were ten, marching proudly in a straight line. Dad was in front, 8 babies and mother brought up the rear. As always when I feel like I need a hug from God it began to rain. Confirmation that the message I had downloaded to head for South Dakota during the August 21 2017 equinox was right on the mark. I know I am headed for huge changes in the next few days. That is and has always been my life. When I receive a message from the etheric beings I say yes and eagerly begin preparing for a new adventure. Life can be so exciting when you just say yes.
We had four hawks that arrived in our back yard a couple of weeks before we left on this adventure. They loved to sit on our fence and watch us as we tended the garden or just sat and enjoyed the gorgeous sunsets Colorado so graciously shares with us. I had received the message that they would travel with us and sure enough as I sat enjoying my coffee and meditating who showed up but four beautiful hawks soaring in an infinity sign path. The raven that follows me whenever I am on the road appeared and sat and watched me from the tree across the road. I always feel safe when he appears.
Learning about RV living is fascinating but can be frustrating in the beginning. My favorite thing in the morning is enjoying a cup of coffee and meditating for a couple of hours. This morning I tried to place my cup under my new one cup Keurig only to discover it was too tall. Now what!!!! Then my brilliant son called and suggested I remove the drain tray and guess what? It fits perfectly. I love it when synchronicity appears. Thanks Dave.
Nestled in my chair I began to write. I noticed the many different types of campers that surrounded us. There were several huge motorhomes that probably cost more than our home. I wondered what would happen if a car hit them. It would be devastating. There was a woman parked across from us that was camping in her car without hookups of any kind. She said she was traveling looking for a new place to live. Every day she would make several trips to the water faucet carrying gallon jugs back to camp and for three days she washed her clothes and hung them up to dry. A young couple pulled up in their car, pitched their tent, and used bottled water to brush their teeth standing at the back of their car.
An older man pulled up on his motorcycle, got off, threw a tarp over his bike and attached it to the picnic table. That is where he planned to sleep. He sat, alone, drinking coffee from a plastic cup and talked on his cell phone.
What struck me was some people lived in luxury and some as minimalistic as you could get. The ones in luxury you rarely saw. They hid in their RVs enjoying their air-conditioning and probably their TVs. Did they see the hawks, or the wild turkeys or the young boy walking his dog? Did they feel the breeze on their faces or smell the fresh scent of the rain that began to fall? I doubt it. The woman in her car stood out in the rain with her arms outstretched, enjoying the rain on her face. The old man sat quietly as the turkeys quietly walked past. The young boy kicked at the rocks as his dog kissed his leg. The young couple stood at the edge of the camp site and looked out at the hundreds of pine trees as they held each other tightly. When did we choose to hand over our peace and joy to a world of stress, business and noise?
Many believe it was taken from us. That isn’t the case. We choose our realities by our thoughts, words and actions. We choose to believe what we are taught to believe. Are they really our beliefs or did we take them upon ourselves in order to please others. Will we choose to walk into our new era of love with heads held high or will we choose to hold ourselves tight with fear and old belief systems that no longer work. Do you choose to design your new reality with imagination and excitement? Now is the time to paint a new canvas. Design what you desire to feel, experience and who do you want with you in your new world. For me, I have painted my canvas and I have stepped into my new reality. That is where you find the miracles you long for. Namaste

Departure Day


The day has finally arrived. I can’t believe it. I prepared three times to go on this journey but life always got in the way. When Tim arrived in my life we began talking about traveling in an RV, however, he was still working. In six years he would be 70 and could retire. We began dreaming and counting the days. Traveling would have to wait. In just a couple of months he was laid off. The Universe had heard us. God handed us our dream on a silver platter.

At first Tim believed he had to get a job. I asked him why he would want to do that when the Universe had given us the opportunity to travel right now, this moment, today. He looked at me in wonderment and grinned. “Why not?” he replied.

We began looking for a truck and trailer. I asked for the Most Benevolent Outcome, for finding the perfect rig for our needs for the perfect price. A huge Class A Motorhome fell into our laps with only 17,000 miles on it. It is beautiful. The Amish made all of the cabinets and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Every time I have asked for a new home The Universe has given me three times more than I ask for, including a million dollar home in Sedona for the price of the rent I paid for a three bedroom home in Parker Colorado. Miracles do happen, and to me they arrive every day.

Many years ago my husband and I had taken the family camping. I walked into the laundromat and was quickly greeted by an elderly man who smiled but grief filled his whole being. He seemed lonely so I waited while my clothes were washing and kept the conversation going.  He was a pleasant man, grey hair, blue jeans and a grey shirt. As he started to leave he slowly turned back and took a long look into my eyes. “My wife and I planned our whole lives to buy a trailer and travel the country when I retired. Every year for seven years she begged me to retire, but my answer was always, next year. Last year I finally agreed. I retired, we found the perfect RV, mapped out our adventure and two weeks before departure she died in her sleep. I now travel alone, doing the things we planned to do together, but I am alone.” A tear fell down both our cheeks. “Don’t wait to do what you dream about, young lady.” He turned and walked away. I never forgot his message. Was he my private angel? I think that he was.

I have used his wise words many times in my life. I wrote a book when I was in my sixties. I left my family and friends and moved to Sedona, alone for the first time, knowing absolutely no one. I published the book, 24 Hours in an Enchanted Valley. I met a man in my elderly years, took the leap and let him into my heart. And now we are embarking on a journey that will take us places I cannot imagine. I will write of our adventures on the road, take pictures of our travels, interview people we meet on the road and share the insights I channel every day.

Take the leap into your new world. There are no longer limitations. Fear is dissolving as we move into an era where greed, hate, anger, manipulation and control are being removed from the planet. Join me as we create our new world of love, harmony, bliss and peace. We can change the world by simply focusing on and speaking of only what we desire, leaving the way things used to be and creating what we want the world to become. Till tomorrow ,my dear ones.  Let’s change the world.