Love is all there is

Many years ago my husband and I had taken the family camping. I walked into the laundromat and was quickly greeted by an elderly man who smiled but grief filled his whole being. He seemed lonely so I waited while my clothes were washing and kept the conversation going. He was a pleasant man, grey hair, blue jeans and a grey shirt. As he started to leave he slowly turned back and took a long look into my eyes. “My wife and I planned our whole lives to buy a trailer and travel the country when I retired. Every year for seven years she begged me to retire, but my answer was always, next year. Last year I finally agreed. I retired, we found the perfect RV, mapped out our adventure and two weeks before departure she died in her sleep. I now travel alone, doing the things we planned to do together, but I am alone.” A tear fell down both our cheeks. “Don’t wait to do what you dream about, young lady.” He turned and walked away. I never forgot his message. Was he my private angel? I think that he was.

2020 is the year of stepping into the new world. Massive changes are arriving affecting every human on the planet. Say yes to every opportunity, dropping all fear and just leaping is the answer. Holding on to the old ways will only make your challenges more difficult. Go for it. Let’s change the world. Love will be all there is!!!!!!

Pay It Forward


Halloween is a time to have fun, a time to be scared and a time to wear costumes and masks. I have felt that way for many years, however, this year it was different.

As I sat watching the sun wash over the pine trees this morning, I felt very grateful. Yesterday my daughter posted a photo of her with her father, a man who is traveling the road of cancer, hulling walnuts. It was Halloween, and she was spending time with him.

That photo kept coming back to my present thoughts, wrapping its love around me. Fond memories returned of my family – especially my children. I reflected upon what giving people they are and how they have grown into such generous souls. It made my heart fill with love and gratitude.

One holiday season, a mudslide swooped through part of our town, destroying many of our friend’s homes. It was nearly Christmas, and our tree was decorated with presents laid around its trunk.

“Mom, we need to talk,” stated my son. “We want to give our Christmas presents to the kids who lost their homes.” As tears ran down my cheeks, we packed up the car and began delivering presents.

I flashed back to another fond memory of a past Halloween. My kids and I spent days making gingerbread houses decorated for Halloween together. Instead of kids receiving candy after ringing our doorbell and cheering ‘Trick or treat!’, we handed them our delicious homemade gingerbread houses.

I have watched my children pay it forward since they were very young. Now as adults they are teaching my grandchildren and great grandchildren to do the same.

Here are a few examples of how they pay it forward:

  • Paying for the car in line behind them at the Starbucks drive thru
  • Doing helpful jobs for others without getting paid or expecting compensation, but not losing their love for others
  • Stopping for those in need of help on the side of the road
  • Tipping 40-50% at restaurants
  • Feeding families at holidays or when they know an extra meal is needed
  • Sponsoring a little girl who has a beautiful voice, but can no longer afford voice lessons
  • Cleaning up suicides without charging the families
  • Fixing others’ cars when they cannot afford to take them to a shop
  • Helping the elderly carry their groceries, open doors and cross the street
  • Giving money to a young family who needs gas money to get to work
  • Taking clothes to needy families
  • Giving a new restaurant owner money to pay his rent
  • Helping families with young children in the hospital
  • Picking up a stranger in the desert and driving miles out of their way to take them home
  • Taking care of children for a sick mother
  • Not only giving away fish they caught to others, but cooking it for them
  • Helping their parents whenever needed
  • Taking food to the homeless
  • Never complaining when a teen or a family member not only took over their bedroom, but the whole house
  • Teaching a little girl from another land our language and traditions and giving her the love and safety she needs

When my children hear someone needs help, they are always the first there to lend a hand. For that, I am very proud.

I know many of you have families that pay it forward, or maybe you know someone who always makes your heart swell. Let’s share our stories.

I am opening up a link here and will post any stories you would like to share. Please share my link with others so we can start a whole new wave of “Pay It Forward with Compassion”.

Whisper’s Adventures will offer $100 to our favorite heart-warming “Pay It Forward” post.  We are also offering a $100 prize for stories of the person who changed your life in some way. This contest will close at midnight PST on December 20, 2015. The winners will be announced Christmas Day and their stories will be shared at that time.  Until then, check back often.  We will be sharing submissions periodically as they are reviewed.  “Like” your favorites and help us make our choice!

Compassion will become the new word for our New Era. Are YOU on board?

Akashic Magic

Akashic Magic

We are now moving into a new radiation. One that Is intersecting with the Sun. This new energy has the ability to not only talk to your DNA but also unlock it.

We are now beginning to access our Akashic records, helping us tap into our Divine nature and reminding us who we really are.  We have previously been very adept at concealing, pushing it deep within our beings. It is now stirring, winding its way upwards and when we are ready it will surface, showing us the many secrets and miracles we brought with us when we came here.

Remembrance calls forth the many things we accomplished on other planets, both energetically and mentally. Old Souls not only remember but they carry their experiences deep within their souls.

Our children that are coming to Earth at this special time in history are different. They are bringing great wisdom and we will begin to see that they are beginning to be the teachers and as we gain a spirit connection we will begin to become the students. These children will open our eyes, showing us who we are, why we truly are here, and help us remember our true magic and power in creating.

These children will not experience what we did. As we step into our New Era they will become our leaders, our teachers and mentors. They do not bring forgetfulness as we did. They remember their true home and why they are here. Their biggest problems are trying to navigate through the duality and the illusion we created. They do not understand this world as they realize it is an illusion and we continue to try to make them understand it is real. Can you even imagine how difficult and frustrating this is to them?

We have begun noticing many children with phenomenal talents such as singing opera at age seven or playing the piano like Mozart. They are bringing forth talents they learned in other lifetimes. We are beginning to remember and realize talents we never knew we had. Awareness is springing forth, whether we choose to recognize it or accept it. It doesn’t matter. With the new energy, the DNA changes and our awakening to new memories, everything we forgot is now beginning to become our reality. “Been there, done that,” is going to become the “norm”.

We are now beginning to remember the wisdom we have gathered through our many lifetimes. What we did, what we learned and what experiences we created.

This remembering is becoming wisdom. As we awaken and our pineal gland opens the grid begins to speak to us through our DNA. We can now access information from time capsules we have buried. These time capsules are sprinkling knowledge and wisdom throughout the planet. No one is left out. Everyone will have wisdom coming through their DNA. It is your choice whether you want to pay attention and step forward into the New Era or not. The world is shifting. There is nothing that can stop it now. You can shift with ease listening to your heart and gentle whispers in your ear or continue on in the same manner, however, your path will become more and more difficult.

We are now on the fast track, taking us quickly into Ascension as we call it. We are not leaving the planet, we are expanding how we envision it and the desires of how we want our reality to look and feel. What looks dark to you now is simply the shifting of the pathways on Earth. It is all good. Celebrate the chaos, as chaos brings change. That is what we have been praying for. It is here, now accept it.

Alternate Lives – Part Two

Alternate Lives

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper

Pegue: “Whisper, imagine each aspect as a real person just like you. What if each one had a different purpose, a different personality and was unique only to itself?

When your Divine Soul planned your lifetime on Earth you had many desires. You wanted to experience everything, be everyone, and live every possible scenario. What if each aspect appeared in your life as an angel, a spirit guide or power animal? What if your aspects were able to cross over into each other’s lives, helping, supporting and guiding each other? Who better to help you than a part of your Divine Soul?

Like the rocks, all of you can slip in and out of each other’s lives in order to place cue cards in front of you. You then have the opportunity to choose how you want to react or if you want to learn, grow or expand in each situation.

It could be an angry clerk, someone who cuts you off on the freeway or a homeless person that looks at you. Your various aspects are able to play many parts in order to push one of your buttons .You then choose who you want to be. They help you decide when you want to come from anger or love. One of them, sometimes all of them, are always there for you. No matter what. As you succeed so do they. They learn from you and you learn from them.

What if you were never alone? What if one of your aspects came to hold you when you were sad, abused, hated or killed? Who better to hold you and nurture you than a part of your own soul?

Each aspect slips in and out of your illusional world in order to help you on your journey. You do the same for them.

(It is not the author or Whispers intention to make you believe or disbelieve the above writings. Each person finds his or her own path way .Seeds are planted and allowed to grow or not. If something resonates take it into your heart, if it doesn’t release it and find another pathway. There is no judgment in this. Our paths are unique. The fun in the adventure is to discover the seeds that help you gain insights into what is next.)   

Watch for Part Three

Alternate Lives – Part 1

Alternate Lives

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper

As Whisper and Carroll explored the Enchanted Valley they came upon a Heart Wheel and they began to follow its path. As they came upon the dip in the heart, a group of rocks appeared to slip in and out of sight. They wondered if what they were seeing was real. Where were they slipping into Whisper had asked? (For more details check out 24 Hours in an Enchanted Valley available on Amazon)

During that 24 hours Whisper was also taken onto a spaceship commandeered by Pegue a space being who quickly became a great friend and teacher to Whisper.

The following is a conversation about Past Lives after Whisper returned home.

Pegue: “As the rocks slipped in and out of this illusion, your bodies, spirits and souls do the same thing. They slip in and out as needed. When they slip out of your earthly world others can still observe your bodies moving around carrying on your usual activities. Most are never aware that their souls are leaving their bodies, however, it is not that unusual since your souls always leave, slipping out of your world and into other dimensions while you sleep. There are many dimensions right here on your planet.

It appears to most that there is only one reality here, only one dimension, however there are many. You are only able to observe the one you resonate with. Masters have learned to change their vibration at will and can then move to other dimensions.”

Whisper: “When we slip out of our reality where do we go?”

Pegue: “We have been waiting for you to ask that question Whisper. Just like you slip in and out of your dimension so do all of your other aspects that are living in other lifetimes and dimensions. Many have believed in past lives, however, they are really alternate lives all playing out at the same time. There are no past lives. They all exist at the same time. How can you have a past life when there is no time or space?”

Think of each alternate life as a section of a wheel. Each section is a lifetime. Your original soul, at the time of your birth, released many aspects of itself. Each aspect began a lifetime where you could experience many adventures and play with various emotions all at once.

One aspect might be a warrior, another might be a person of great wealth, another might be very ill, and another might be a doctor. If you set the intention and ask your angels or guides to show you what you have always believed to be your past lives, you will begin to get a sense of your many aspects.

You have been everything and done everything. Each aspect was born into an earthly body, grew, learned, and experienced many things.

That was a pretty ingenious way for each main soul to experience everything in a short amount of time.”

(It is not the author or Whispers intention to make you believe or disbelieve the above writings. Each person finds his or her own path way.  Seeds are planted and allowed to grow or not. If something resonates take it into your heart, if it doesn’t release it and find another pathway. There is no judgment in this. Our paths are unique. The fun in the adventure is to discover the seeds that help you gain insights into what is next.)

Watch for Part Two

Who I am Manifesting in my Life

A message I sent to one of my clients in answer to one of his questions.
Good Morning. In regards to Names: Like I said names are not important to me. It is our energies that are important as in the Universe that is our name.
No one can disappoint another in Reality since in Reality all are perfect. Disappointment is a manmade label that we can only experience in the third dimension.
It is not an expectation. It is a knowingness of my Twin Souls energy. I know he stands next to me. I have worked hard and I am still making daily inspections within to make sure that I am ready for him when he arrives. He is standing by me at this moment and every moment and we are both preparing to be in complete vibrational resonance and when we arrive at that frequency we will once again see each other. I do not know or is it important what face he wears at this time. I know that when I see him as we resonate in harmony with each other I will know he is the other part of my soul. 
Everything is in perfect timing and Twin Souls have such a complex and deep meaning it would take me months to explain to you how I got to this point of knowingness. I can only say, I expect nothing, I know all that is and my life is evolving into a place that my heart has yearned for many years and my soul is now ready to experience. I don’t want to know what is next because I love the surprise and miracles.
I have not experienced much playfulness on planet Earth as I chose to bring in different emotions and experiences in this lifetime. Many times I miss the playfulness that others give me as a gift. I am now learning to play so I will become better as the days progress.

What if you are the creator of any world you choose?


World in Your Hands

The Creators say they need help” God laughed. “Boy did they forget, they created earth and they stood right next to me and now beg for money or health.” When will they remember they can create anything they choose, they do it every day. Just look at what they have created on earth, and they think they need me.” He/She laughed even harder.

Many look at what they see on earth and bemoan that they couldn’t or wouldn’t create war, disease or abuse. But you did. What if you created those things to experience the emotions they draw up? We had perfect on our home planet. We decided that we wanted to experience the opposites. That was where the playground lies. What if we had labeled negatives as good? What would you believe now? Would you be struggling, in pain and lack? No. You would think you were in heaven. Perspective is everything. Labels are everything. What if you re-labeled everything and made them a positive.

Many times we ask for money. We get angry and feel betrayed by God (or whatever name you have given your creator) when our $20 doesn’t arrive.

“Why” we plead? God always answers, “You don’t need me. You have the tools inside of you. Use them. You know how. You are the creator.” The joke is really on us. We plead for what we already have, but have chosen not to see. We can manifest perfectly. We do it every day. Look around you. Everything you see you created. You used Sources energy force and thought it, spoke it and there it is. You brought it forth, like magic. You come from Source so you are the Divine Creators He/She sent to Earth to create for Him/Her.

I can hear your thoughts yelling in my ear. “She is a quack. I would never have created this.” You would have if you remembered the full picture, the reason you came, and why you created negatives. Every word you speak stands in front of you in perfect form. If you lack money what words come out of your mouth? I can’t afford it, I don’t have enough, I have to work longer hours to provide what I need, others have more than I. God loves others more than me. If you say those words then you have lack.

We believe we say what we see, but it is the other way around. We see what we say.

If you don’t like what you see then change what you say.

Once again I can hear your thoughts. But that is lying. I don’t lie. Pretend until it becomes your truth. When we manifest a habit we continue with the habit until we choose a different way to act. We begin the practice of letting go of the habit. If we begin to learn a different language, we begin to learn it one word at a time. Does that mean you do not speak Spanish? No it means you are learning to speak Spanish. Is that lying? No it is a process and once you master the process then it becomes truth. Pretend you have money, feel you have money, love the idea that you have money and when it is a firm feeling within your heart then you can have your money. Not a moment before. You work at it and you master it then achieve it. It is no harder than learning a new job or how to paint. You do it and it manifests.

When you create something it becomes permanent. When another gives it to you or you win the lottery it is not held within your heart as a creation of yours so you hold it for a small amount of time and then it disappears. Most lottery winners go bankrupt. We cherish what we create ourselves. Love our creations and they will remain. Speak and feel our creations and they are ours forever.

Speak what you want – not what you don’t have. Conversations today are usually about what we hate or no longer want and then we wonder why we continue in the same path with the same issues. Change your perspective. Change your thoughts. Change your words and your life will change. That is the Universal Law.

The Universe does not judge. It can’t. It is pure energy and pure energy cannot distort. It can become blocked but never distorted from its purest form. If it hears you say “I want or I need,” it hears you want to want or need something. It doesn’t hear I am asking you to bring it forth. If you say you are fat it hears you want to be fat, if you say you can’t find a job it hears you don’t want a job. It always gives you everything you say on a silver platter, believing it is exactly what you want.

Use your analytical mind right now and you will lose the message and continue where you are. Mind or ego will never understand the precepts I am offering you. Only your heart and soul will understand. If you are having problems following this, switch from you mind to your soul. What would your soul believe? Your soul would never set out to harm you. It is the most pure and loving part of you.  Believe your soul. You have tried believing your ego and how is that working for you? New ideas and concepts bring new magic.

When we came to earth the agreement we had with Source was that we wanted to do it on our own. Source agreed to let us come to earth and all the tools we needed were implanted into our beings.

Why some can manifest and other’s can’t


Everyone seems to be seeking new ways of receiving Abundance, Love, Health, Happiness and Peace. We can’t receive something we don’t have if we continue to try and achieve it in the old ways. Old ways create the same old things.

By using these new tools you will change your world. It is simple. Just follow each item with an open mind and LEAP! If you try to rationalize it will not work. You will create what you already have.


Several people this past week have intimated, or even came right out and told me that God, Source, the Universe whatever name you resonate with, has let them down.

How can that even happen I wondered? Source is Divine Love, pure, in harmony with those who resonate with Her.  The only place in the Universe beings can be let down is here on planet earth. So how God can let you down?

We love to point fingers and blame someone else when we don’t get or have what we want. That is also something only experienced on earth.

If we want to change our lives and become abundant in all things we first have to stop pointing fingers and blaming others and also we have to begin taking responsibility for what we have created, which is everything and everyone in our lives. God has done nothing to you. Others have done nothing to you. You created what you and your ego or your soul chose to create. You are the author, the director, the producer and the publisher. No one has the power to do harm to you, unless you and your spirit decided it was an adventure you wanted to experience in order to evolve.

We came to earth to experience emotion, challenges and experiences. We checked every box on the list. We were like children at Christmas. We wanted it all.

We had it all when we lived in the Universe and we gave it up in order to come to earth. That is how badly we wanted to come. We wrote the story, we hired the actors, we chose the geographical arena and we direct it as it plays out. God didn’t demand it; he didn’t give you a set of rules. He allowed you to come and said “Have fun,” as you left your Heavenly home. He doesn’t judge, or condemn, or play favorites. He allows you to do what you want and what you want is shown in what you see in your world.

The farther we got into forgetfulness, the harder, the struggles and the less support we felt we received. We forgot who we really were and began to believe that what we needed had to come from “out there,” from others and God had to provide for us. The welfare program enhanced our belief in others had to provide for us. Even working we began to believe that in order to survive we had to have a job and earn a paycheck. Success became the most important item on the schedule. Toys came into play. The harder we worked the more we felt we needed in order to make us happy.  We were no longer standing our truth and wearing our Divine Robes. On a subconscious level we knew we were not walking the path we came here to walk. We were walking a path others had placed in front of us, and the more we walked the farther from our happiness and joy we wandered. We had so much noise (music, TV people’s voices, etc.) flowing in and out of us that we could no longer hear the messages from our guides, angels, higher self and even our best friend, God.

To many, God even became the enemy. He doesn’t love me, he deserted me, and he betrayed me. That can’t even happen! It is impossible for a pure loving entity to do any of those things because it would have to have an ego based belief system in order to desire to do harm to its children. Do we base our experiences with our earthly parents to God? Do we look at him/her through our personal filters and shape Source into what we see, not who he really is. She can only love. That is it. Period. No discussion. Love can only create Love. Nothing else. Period. Everything else comes from humans and their belief systems.

Humans thought forms always make The Great White Spirit, Source, and the Universe laugh. Humanity can be so ridiculous. When one of us tells her what we believe the contradictions that spew forth are really funny.  However, when it is something we believe, it becomes something very different. It becomes personal and feelings and filters enter the equation.  Besides, our hearts hurt so it must be real, right?

However, what if your past life was a dream you imagined and created in order to play in that experience? It worked didn’t it? We sometimes had fun, sometimes we grieved and sometimes, well, let’s face it most of the time we struggled.

What if there is now a new country, a new world, we could move to? What if that country had no negatives, disease, lack, abuse, war, control or manipulation? What if it was a whole new way of living? Love, harmony, abundance in all things, beauty, passion, unconditional love and much more was all that existed there. Many have prayed for the Millennium and yet when it arrived they didn’t even consider it. They still chose to play in the same old playground. Many continue to pray for what is already here. You have to make changes in order to see it. You have to close your eyes and just jump in order to be there. Doing the same, believing the same, perceiving the same will continue to create the same painful world. I chose to leap, I was tired and said “Enough” and I now live in a world many still pray for.

Augtoro Teaches Whisper


“We have much to discuss today” said Augtoro. She was one of Whisper’s guides and protector. “Are you ready?” Whisper laughed. She was always ready. She couldn’t learn or process her challenges fast enough. Her goal was always to become her true being, whatever that meant. She wasn’t sure. She just wanted to be the best woman she could be. Many would say she had reached her goal, however, Whisper knew she hadn’t. There were still issues floating around inside her, old emotions and pains she didn’t even realize she held within. She had worked hard for years, but she soon learned that each issue held many layers. As you peeled one away and released it back into the Universe another one surfaced. It was a fun puzzle for Whisper. She loved the challenge and no longer pushed it down within.

Augtoro waited patiently for Whisper to complete her reflections. Whisper soon realized she was being rude and quickly apologized for keeping Augtoro waiting. Augtoro simply smiled.

“Whisper, we are very proud of you. You took that final leap in your marriage. We know you feel like you failed, but you didn’t. You did exactly what you needed to do. You have much work to do on the planet and staying in your marriage restricted the amount you could accomplish. It was not a failure. How can you fail when you listen to your soul and provide it with what it needs?”

“We love you so much and honor you in your path. We watch your daily struggle as you strive to complete your contract. We know you are tired. We know you have fought hard not only for yourself but for your ancestors. You carried forth their DNA and cellular memory of old pains and regrets. You have completed healing them. You have heard many times that humans can heal the past. That is how you do it. You bring it forth and heal it within yourself and in doing that you change not only your future but the future of your ancestors.”

“Wait,” exclaimed Whisper. “What do you mean the future of my ancestors?”

Augtoro smiled, “Remember Whisper you do not die. They did not die. You are preparing them for their next future, you are healing their wounds. The next time they come to earth they will arrive baggage free. You have done much of their work for them. The future of humanity is changed by not only you, but any humans who choose to heal themselves. They heal their ancestors as they heal themselves.” “Wow” said Whisper.

She sat further back in her chair pondering what Augtoro had just told her. I healed my ancestors. I didn’t even know that was possible.

“One more thing Whisper, as you healed your ancestors you also helped heal humanity, preparing them for the New Era, the world of Aquarius, the new world of peace and harmony. You did that and for that we are grateful. Everyone in the Universe is watching all of you on earth. We are eager to see what new stories you will write.”

Augtoro waited for Whisper to process her new information. Soon Whisper looked up with understanding and thanked Augtoro. She knew their session was over as she could feel Augtoro’s energy fading. It made her sad. “Goodbye” she whispered. “Goodbye little one” Augtoro quietly said.

new pathways

Thanks for sharing. That was beautifully said. Let’s change the world.

The 12th Road

MelkAbbeyGiven the constant shifting of our times and the flood of new energies flowing in through the succession of this month’s multiple alignments, September is set to be another huge month in re-configuring our way through this maze of ascension pathways.

We start with a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo this weekend, with the Equinox to follow on 21 Sept and a Full Blood Moon, the 4th in a series, coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month on 28 Sept. Between these points Mercury is also turning retrograde between 17 Sept – 9 Oct.

This year has been like no other in the continual layering of energies, building in intensity as they open our fields to the highest vibrations we can sustain. Simultaneously, they are also directing those vibrations deep into the murky depths of the darkest shadows we hold within and there has…

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