Whisper’s Movie

whispers-movie-09-09-15It was a rainy morning, Whispers favorite weather. She held her coffee, warming her hands as she watched the raindrops slide gently down the window. A squirrel ran up and down the deck railing, enjoying his much needed bath.

Aja appeared as the sun began to peek behind the pine trees that surrounded Whispers home. Aja had been one of Whispers guides for many years. She loved him and knew he loved her too. He was always there when she needed him or he had insightful messages for her. She was glad he had come. Huge shifts were occurring and she could feel them.

Aja showed her a book. He explained that the book represented her life in the past. You wrote this book before you came to earth he said. You carefully chose each character. Some characters would teach you, some betray you, some help you when you develop disease. They are your heroes. You wrote your story, chose the geography and placed sign posts illuminating the various twists and turns in your path. Your Higher Self agreed to whisper messages when you needed them and guide you when decisions needed to be made. When you completed your book you placed it gently in your heart and excitedly came to earth.

You have lived the last chapter in your life. I am not talking about death. Your contract is complete. Now it is time to write a movie.

“A movie” Whisper said. Shocked her mind began to whirl. “What does that mean?” she asked.

“Many great books become movies. You wrote a beautiful book and you lived it with magic and beauty.”

“I made many mistakes” said Whisper.

Aja laughed, of course you did. There was no map. You wrote possibilities and you and the characters in your book used your free agency to spice up your book. Sometimes all of you made great decisions and at times your decisions took you on roads you never dreamed of. Some had great results, some had painful ones. There is no judgment in your decisions. Let go of the belief that there is bad. Decisions are not good or bad they are just decisions. That is all. Every decision made you who you are today. Many humans believe they are not very good. That is not true. You are all marvelous actors and creators. Now it is time to turn your past, your book into a movie, a new life.

It is now time to re-edit your life, change some of the characters, re-arrange the plot and hire new characters.

You loved the book when you wrote it, however, now you no longer want your life to remain the same. You want to let go of the villains and add spice to your life. You no longer want to suffer or struggle. You have chosen to release lack and limitations and place abundance, fun and playfulness.

Whisper loved the idea of a new movie. She sat down and pondered what her movie would be. What type of people did she want in her new life, did she want to change the geography, add passion, creativity, new kinds of relationships, and maybe even add spiritual sex. She knew she did not want disease, manipulation, control, greed or abuse in her movie. She had enough of that in her book. Peace, harmony, bliss and fun would become a huge part of her movie. She included everything that would bring a smile to her face. Magic began to swirl through the air.

Whisper looked at every detail in her life, deciding what she still wanted and what no longer resonated with her.

When Aja knew that she had completed the examination of her book, he told her it was time to do the final edit. She began to trim down excess footage, she chose exact shots, decided what emotions she wanted to portray. She knew exactly what the movie would look like and the feelings it would bring forth. She was happy with her creation.

She soon realized that much of her book was not incorporated within the movie. It was as though the old was being replaced with the new. The old characters were informed of their new roles, their new lines were written, and many costumes were changed. Colors of nature were enhanced. She cut out doctors, hospitals, corporations, governments, banks, greed, politics and anything else she no longer desired.

The day came when the movie was complete. Very little of the book made it through the cutting process. That made her smile. As she watched the preview, her heart began to race. Excitement flowed through her body. She was going to love her new life. As she listened to the click, click of the reel, she pondered the movie she had created. Was it exactly like her heart desired she wondered? Her soul whispered “yes.”

Whisper stood and walked out of the room into her new life. Her eyes widened as she jumped into her new world.

“Does writing my movie mean I am now stepping into the new world?”  Aja smiled and nodded. He was proud of Whisper. She never slipped into her head doubting and analyzing what was real. She knew her book had been an illusion and that the movie represented her new life, her new world.

Have you written your new movie? Have you chosen what you want to release from your book, your old life, your book of the past? Do you want to stay within the chapters of your book or do you want to leap into a whole new world? It is your choice. Decide and the Universe will hand it to you. You are in control.


Whisper Packs a New Suitcase

Whisper was no longer the person she used to be. She no longer felt afraid, shy, resentful, angry or alone. She shed the feelings that no longer served her. Every morning she released more and more. She re-evaluated the people and experiences she had been holding onto, deciding what brought her joy, and releasing those who drained her and the belief systems that held her prisoner to her old way of life. She was tired and ready to invent a new life. She no longer believed that just because you were a friend or family member that you needed to keep them in your life.

As she walked to her mailbox, through the orange and grapefruit trees she fell to her knees, tired, frustrated and feeling as those even her blood had evaporated from her life. She screamed to the Universe, “Enough. No More. I am done taking care of others. It is my time to smile. Enough!!!!”

At that moment Whisper chose Peace over struggle and pain and that was the day the miracles began to appear. The people who drained her very fiber of being quietly slipped out of her life, without drama, angry words or painful goodbyes. They simply dissolved away. She was amazed at how easy it was. As she began to release her belief systems she noticed peace envelope her as easily as a gentle breeze.

She learned that it was OK to say “No!” Saying yes to things she didn’t really want was giving her true power away. Piece by piece her true self had slipped out of reach. When asked to do something she began checking in with her heart. Her heart always knew what would bring her joy. “Should”s and “have to”s left her vocabulary. “I have an appointment” became her answer when “No” rose up within. People understood appointment, yet “No” hurt others or offended their sense of what they thought she should do.

As Whisper became more proficient in this new way of life she quit basing her self-image on what others wanted or how they saw her. As she took her power back she discovered that sometimes when she helped others it was more out of ego than divine heart and sometimes she even sabotaged their journey, even to the point of stopping their growth. Sorrow filled her heart when she realized how many she had hurt in trying to help.

The messages that came to her now were about letting go of the belief in limitation. She was a mighty daughter of God, meaning she had a huge inheritance that she had not reached for or received. She decided to accept what her Father wanted to give to her.

At the moment of choosing to receive every thought or word, her thoughts became her reality. She thought about possibly moving into a new house. One with lots of light, beautiful views and peaceful. Within two weeks she was moving into exactly the perfect house. Her next move would be to Sedona. This time she asked for the perfect home at a price she could easily afford. She received a million dollar home for $2,000 per month. A home with a beautiful view, many windows and that was quiet as a church.

The purer Whispers heart became the greater the miracles. Joy and bliss began to fill her suitcase. As she removed the old articles from her suitcase the more room she had for the miracles. She was moving into a new era, a new country, and everything in her suitcase was new.

The love in her heart, became a magic potion which, when taken daily, produced miracles. She closed her suitcase. Lying on her bed was the money, tickets, maps, schedules, fear and worry that usually went with her. She knew she no longer needed them. This time she packed beauty, wise friends, passion, great health, and clear communication. The last article she reverently packed was her soul song, her most cherished possession.


Whisper Changes Her Beliefs

For many seasons Whisper had walked the earth. Her path took her to the sea many times, where life’s waves built, gaining mighty power until it crashed back on the earth, leaving her bruised and shattered.

Sometimes she became stranded in the desert, frustrated, exhausted and alone. Much of her life she had walked amongst the depressed, sick and dying, dragging one foot in front of the other, alone and afraid.

Most of her life, she was forced to live in the cities where the massive energies of the millions blew like a mighty wind, pushing, pulling and throwing her against the structures of concrete and shattered glass, although her heart always longed for the forests. Her heart tugged, calling her back to nature, her natural home.

Many nights Whisper yearned to return to her home planet. When she awoke, however her roots remained firmly planted deep in the earth.

Whispers soul cried as she watched humanity torture, abuse, betray and steal from others. She knew they were re-acting out of fear and despair. She watched as they remained engrossed in personal agendas and past pain holding them prisoners in a land of sorrow and lack. Those who walked the earth no longer cared how their actions affected others. It had become a world of me-itis. The world had turned upside down, nothing made sense anymore.

Many attacked others without research or even caring if it was true or false. A lion is killed with a bullet on a paid safari and it goes global immediately. Everyone pounces to the cause, while a woman is tortured, raped and bludgeoned to death with a hammer and no one notices or cares. When did one life become more important than another? All life, animal or human should be respected and loved.

Bureaucracy has woven itself masterfully into every portion of our lives, keeping us hypnotized and distracted by disease, lack and horror, so we no longer notice what is happening behind the scenes, stealing more and more from our lives. Status quo has become our by-word Whisper thought.

If only, Whisper sighed, humanity would begin to look beyond themselves and begin to choose what is best for the whole.

What if they dug a little before voting for those who always said the same thing, handing the world the same thing over and over again. What was the saying she questioned, “What is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different.” Whisper wasn’t sure if that was the way the saying went, but it was close enough.

What if this time we stepped outside the box, went a different way, chose different ideas and broadened our perspectives, choosing thoughts that would encircle humanity with loving arms, changing the scene of the play and sending us into a whole new world.

What if abuse of any kind, either from individuals, groups, or even the government was no longer tolerated. What if we chose life rather than staying apathetic to that which we believed did not affect us?

Whisper knew humanity had become individualized to the point that they forgot how to come from their hearts. What if we chose to get out of our heads and back into our hearts?

Whisper had spent many years, digging within, discovering what she believed, what pushed her buttons and who she really wanted to be. She loved that adventure. She had spent a great deal of time looking at every belief, asking herself if it was truly her belief or one that had been given to her by parents, teachers and peers. She was amazed to discover that very few beliefs she called her own came anywhere close to what she truly believed. She began throwing them out, choosing new ways of thinking.

At first she changed her beliefs but soon discovered she was simply creating new prisons with thick walls. She soon decided beliefs were what built the walls. What if she no longer believed in anything? Where would that take her she wondered?

As each belief slipped away she became freer and began to soar. When life seemed to become stuck she learned that she had created a new belief. How can you not believe in anything her students asked? She wasn’t sure how to explain it, she just KNEW things now, no longer believing in things. That was where her freedom came.

She soon learned that if she held onto something today it changed tomorrow. New puzzle pieces arrived shifting the picture. Whisper loved this. It kept her alert, soaring into the galaxy of new ideas.


Whisper Fights Her Fears

For reasons Whisper never understood her mother was never emotionally available to her. It seemed as though she hated her. Whisper never knew why. Her mother was adept at making her understand she was never good enough and the world would be better off without her. Any time Whisper had a great day her mother made sure she cried before Whisper slept that night.

In school Whisper was very shy. She tried hard to remain invisible to those who surrounded her. She prayed violently that teachers would not call on her. Whisper was smart, she got great grades and yet almost failed English because she could not stand in front of others and speak.

In elementary school even Whisper’s friends called her Skinny Minnie. Whisper hated that name.  She learned early in life to hide when she was afraid, or when she could no longer tolerate her mother’s yelling. In school she hid under her desk or when the supply closet door was unlocked she curled into a ball under the bottom shelf. This worked for quite a while, but teachers finally caught on. At home her favorite hiding place was an abandoned chicken coop. She spent hours raking the straw and arranging wooden logs she had hauled from an old barn that resided on the property. It became her safe zone, where she cried, or day dreamed or met with an ancient master that sat with her and taught her the miracles of the Universe. She loved it here.

As Whisper grew her self-image began to grow. The world tore her down but the Masters helped her remember who she REALLY was and it always shocked her. How could she have been a Divine Goddess before she came to Earth? It took many years for Whisper to begin to believe in her memories.

For many years the whispers fought within her. Some yelled louder. They were the ones who told her she was not good enough, she would fail, she was not worthy of love. The quiet ones whispered to her heart. They told her how amazing she was and reminded her of her earthly contract to be a forerunner into the New Era. She would quietly reach out her hand to those who were ready to awaken.  Her whispers would help them remember their true pathway.

Whisper learned to speak in front of large groups. That was an amazing feat. She taught, lectured and mentored for many years. However, her heart was in the quiet messages (the whispers, like the gentle breezes that whistle through the forest) soothing and healing humanity.


Whisper Creates An Illusional World

Whisper had walked planet Earth since the beginning of its creation. In and out of lifetimes she wove her magic tapestry. She had always existed and she knew it.

She remembered her universal home on planet Uros. Her name was Tashara then. Uros existed in the 17th dimension. She loved it there. She loved riding her unicorn in all his power and glory. She loved the beauty and peace that enveloped her home. Her friends were her soul family and she would miss them when she set out on her new adventure to Planet Earth.

On planet Earth Whisper was now beginning to remember being a Divine Goddess. Her strength was growing and she often smiled at the illusional world she had created on this new planet.  She was a master creator, and began to believe her own illusions. She walked in a world of her own creation, a world of abandonment, betrayal, pain, responsibility, guilt and sorrow.

She had been a warrior in searching for spirit truth, arising before the sun, coffee cup in hand.

Insights began to run thru her as those from the spirit realm eagerly arrived, teaching, guiding and comforting her. As each earth year passed Whispers insights into the higher dimensions increased. Etheric masters became her best friends. She loved each one as they came and eventually moved on to others who needed them.  There had been many, each nestling with in her heart, teaching and loving her. Her life had been filled with grief, pain, rape, loss and yet Whisper had never been a victim. As soon as a sword pierced her heart, throwing her off balance within her dualistic and separate world, she went within and searched for the puzzle piece, the message her soul was sending to her.

Whisper understood that good and evil were labels man had assigned to all emotions.

Whisper laughed when she thought about it. Humans had masterfully created an illusional reality in order to experience duality, polarity, and separation. They walked within this illusion powerfully and now believed in it so completely they held on with white knuckles and fear.

Whisper knew the illusional reality was coming to an end. It was now a NEW World, a NEW era and she was grateful her guides had shown her how to navigate the new pathways.

Join Whisper on her adventures and learn how to easily move from an era of pain, lack and sorrow into a life of fun, peace, joy and abundance.


August 20th, 2015

I live an ordinary life with my family. I work and face every day challenges. However, my mind dances with stories, characters, and magic. My greatest joy comes when others are inspired to pause and wonder if, perhaps, there really is another way to think or believe.

Each day we witness life in all of its drama and chaos, making it difficult to see the magic that is always swirling around us.

My stories have not been written to change your mind, your beliefs, or your perceptions. But if I can distract you from your daily grind and switch your gaze to something that makes you smile, or takes you into a daydream, or helps you to see the fairies dancing in your garden, then I have fulfilled the desire of my heart.

The birthplace of this book was Sedona, Arizona. Is it fact or fiction? Sometimes I am not even sure myself.

“Wisdom held with an iron grip within our minds is like water held stagnant in a pond. It is forgotten, putrefies, and is lost forever. Wisdom that is allowed to flow across our lips is like water that rushes downhill eagerly greeting humanity. It is held within our hearts, nestled safely forever within our souls.”

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