Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving brought trepidation, aha , police arrival, five star meal and sharing our meal with strangers and pure gratitude.

Moving to Alabama, waiting for houses to sell and purchase another , found my son, his wife and daughter Tim and I in RVs in a campground. For fifty years Thanksgiving brought friends family and strangers to our home to enjoy food, friendship and gratitude. We usually feed 20-30 wonderful families. But, this year how would we cook a feast in a tiny rv kitchen? We considered buying a precooked dinner but that simply would not fly. Putting our heads together we finally had a plan.

Menu included Turkey cooked in the fire pit, twice baked savory yams with Brie, twice cooked mashed potatoes with butter, cream, sour cream, onions and cream cheese, gravy, string beans with bacon , shallots, and garlic stuffing with cranberries, apples and almonds rolls, sweet potato pie, peach cobbler and pumpkin roll. Could we do it? It was any bodies guess. We had a half-half oven, three burners and two small sinks, a small oven and a fire pit.

Dinner was on and I picked up my phone to answer my many Thanksgiving text’s. Phone froze and while trying to close it down for a reset I sent an emergency alert. Hospital called but my phone was frozen so I couldn’t answer. Soon a police car arrived, blue lights flashing. A very kind police officer arrived. Tim met him outside to explain. But that isn’t the end of the story. He wanted to talk to me. I met him at the door and once again explained my stupid phone, well maybe I am the stupid one. He listened patiently then asked if he could come in just to check to see if there were any dead bodies. Thank God there were none. He left and we sighed. Back to dinner. Finally it was on the table. We gritted our teeth just hoping it was at least edible. Much to our surprise it was a five star meal. How could that be, we had cooked the turkey in a fire pit for heaven sakes?

In the mean time a darling family of four walked by and stopped to question what in the world we were cooking. As they continued their walk the man said “guess I will go and try to find some food.” We began to worry, could they be without food or just lonely. As always my son and I began plotting how we could feed them without hurting their feelings. We decided to simply invite them to join us. My granddaughter and I Walked down, knocked on their door and waited. No one answered. We noticed their car was missing. Disappointed we returned to our meal. Leftovers were placed in a pan with Happy Thanksgiving and we rushed it to their picnic table.

1Our family always have loved taking gifts to unsuspecting strangers , drop, ring bell and run. I loved being the masked gift giver and taught my children to be the same. Smiling we crashed in our RV, drinks in hand and reviewing our miraculous, funny day when at the door stood the family of four. They knew it was us they said. We invited them in for dessert. We shared, we laughed. We got to know each other and their little ones climbed into my lap where hugs were a plenty.

We said goodnight to our family and new friends, turned out the lights and with a smile on my face, great gratitude in my heart for my magical life I curled up in bed and fell asleep.

Now what will we do in our RV for Christmas?



Since that day in the cemetery, Augtoro had been with Whisper. She could feel her presence when she was sad or happy. They were great friends.

Alternate Lives – Part Two

Alternate Lives

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper

Pegue: “Whisper, imagine each aspect as a real person just like you. What if each one had a different purpose, a different personality and was unique only to itself?

When your Divine Soul planned your lifetime on Earth you had many desires. You wanted to experience everything, be everyone, and live every possible scenario. What if each aspect appeared in your life as an angel, a spirit guide or power animal? What if your aspects were able to cross over into each other’s lives, helping, supporting and guiding each other? Who better to help you than a part of your Divine Soul?

Like the rocks, all of you can slip in and out of each other’s lives in order to place cue cards in front of you. You then have the opportunity to choose how you want to react or if you want to learn, grow or expand in each situation.

It could be an angry clerk, someone who cuts you off on the freeway or a homeless person that looks at you. Your various aspects are able to play many parts in order to push one of your buttons .You then choose who you want to be. They help you decide when you want to come from anger or love. One of them, sometimes all of them, are always there for you. No matter what. As you succeed so do they. They learn from you and you learn from them.

What if you were never alone? What if one of your aspects came to hold you when you were sad, abused, hated or killed? Who better to hold you and nurture you than a part of your own soul?

Each aspect slips in and out of your illusional world in order to help you on your journey. You do the same for them.

(It is not the author or Whispers intention to make you believe or disbelieve the above writings. Each person finds his or her own path way .Seeds are planted and allowed to grow or not. If something resonates take it into your heart, if it doesn’t release it and find another pathway. There is no judgment in this. Our paths are unique. The fun in the adventure is to discover the seeds that help you gain insights into what is next.)   

Watch for Part Three



Augtoro spoke quietly as the flames flared into magical portraits. “Your life is new, so try new things. Let go of old ways and all the “shoulds.”