Love Brings Joy – Fear Brings Negativity

Tashara Speaks – 11-2019

The other day I heard a conversation about Congress and how we need to get fresh blood and more honest politicians. The consensus was that it would never happen. My soul had been prompting me that Congress and the whole political system would make great changes within a couple of years.

How could we make changes in Congress when the very safeguards that were made by our ancestors to protect our American rights had been taken away from us by rigging elections. We lost our power to vote and for our votes to count with that one move by “The Club”.  That is what I call the ones who have taken control of the world and are hidden from our sight.

I KNOW it can happen if my soul tells me it will. But, how? A giggle tickled my ears. “What if Congress and “The Club” had a pill, a vaccine or a tincture they took once a month that kept Cancer from entering their bodies? Or what if the lettuce we ate was sprayed with disease and Congress ate lettuce that was protected? What if humanity was not offered the same protections but was given Cancer, disease etc. by a planned manipulation? And what if one human made a mistake and gave “The Club” the wrong shot, the wrong pill or the wrong lettuce? What if humanity was given the protection just once? “The Club” could disappear almost instantaneously.

What a concept. Soul made it clear that it could happen very differently but that it could happen and that easily. It would only take one person.  My perception shifted instantly.

Bureaucracy, politicians, religious leaders and the media have been very successful in planting seeds in our minds telling us we have no power, we are sinners, we are not successful beings, we are puppets that must bend to their will. Big Pharma has convinced us that disease comes from viruses and that only they can heal us with their drugs that has more deadly side effects than they cure.

In fact, the only thing that causes disease is an emotion called FEAR.

Fear creates stress which reduces our immune system, creating holes in our aura and breaks down our physical bodies. Scientists know this today. Does the media report that? No. They report the lies the Club gives them and we believe them.

We have been forced into roles that create stress, separation from friends, neighbors and family. We now believe that we must be “doing”, every moment of the day without reprieve and renewal of our souls. We have been given rules for absolutely every part of our lives, holding us prisoners to filling out forms that make no sense at all. We spend our days doing things that keep us from growing, loving, playing and nurturing our loved ones.

“The Club” has been very successful in creating and manipulating our world into a place where we are bound to everything that is not good for our souls. We live in a world of hate, anger, low self-image, lack and disease. While we partake of that world, we no longer have the strength or desire to watch what they are doing, leading us deeper and deeper into their prisons. Hope, love, harmony and compassion have been replaced by stress, fear, anger and hopelessness. They have us right where they want us.

Absolutely everything in our world that brings us stress, disease, lack, unhappiness is brought on by just one thing. FEAR! We have been brainwashed into Fear. It is a fact that Fear and Love can not exist in the same human at the same time. Everything brings fear into our lives now. Love is rarely exhibited in our lives. Even the elections are being manipulated into anger, hate, separation and fear. We no longer love others, we hate, we fight, we judge, we are offended ad we are afraid of the very ones who are our brothers and sisters. It was all in the plan and we bought into it hook line and sinker.

If we can only feel emotions that come from Fear or those that come from Love, the answer to every single problem we face today is by choosing which emotion and its counterparts we want to feel. Fear or Love. Rules, disease, dysfunctional relationships, lack, hopelessness all come from fear.

Drop our fears and guess what. All that is left is Love. Love brings joy, abundance, peace, beauty, fun and oneness. It is that simple. We can change absolutely everything in the world by just dropping all fear and stepping back into our divine natures that are only able to emit love.

We now have so much protection from our spirit beings that we have nothing to fear unless we choose fear. Drop the fear just as you would take off your coat and drop it on the floor. Pick up your armor of love and watch everything that holds us prisoner quickly dissolve out of our reality. Choose!

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay

Akashic Magic

Akashic Magic

We are now moving into a new radiation. One that Is intersecting with the Sun. This new energy has the ability to not only talk to your DNA but also unlock it.

We are now beginning to access our Akashic records, helping us tap into our Divine nature and reminding us who we really are.  We have previously been very adept at concealing, pushing it deep within our beings. It is now stirring, winding its way upwards and when we are ready it will surface, showing us the many secrets and miracles we brought with us when we came here.

Remembrance calls forth the many things we accomplished on other planets, both energetically and mentally. Old Souls not only remember but they carry their experiences deep within their souls.

Our children that are coming to Earth at this special time in history are different. They are bringing great wisdom and we will begin to see that they are beginning to be the teachers and as we gain a spirit connection we will begin to become the students. These children will open our eyes, showing us who we are, why we truly are here, and help us remember our true magic and power in creating.

These children will not experience what we did. As we step into our New Era they will become our leaders, our teachers and mentors. They do not bring forgetfulness as we did. They remember their true home and why they are here. Their biggest problems are trying to navigate through the duality and the illusion we created. They do not understand this world as they realize it is an illusion and we continue to try to make them understand it is real. Can you even imagine how difficult and frustrating this is to them?

We have begun noticing many children with phenomenal talents such as singing opera at age seven or playing the piano like Mozart. They are bringing forth talents they learned in other lifetimes. We are beginning to remember and realize talents we never knew we had. Awareness is springing forth, whether we choose to recognize it or accept it. It doesn’t matter. With the new energy, the DNA changes and our awakening to new memories, everything we forgot is now beginning to become our reality. “Been there, done that,” is going to become the “norm”.

We are now beginning to remember the wisdom we have gathered through our many lifetimes. What we did, what we learned and what experiences we created.

This remembering is becoming wisdom. As we awaken and our pineal gland opens the grid begins to speak to us through our DNA. We can now access information from time capsules we have buried. These time capsules are sprinkling knowledge and wisdom throughout the planet. No one is left out. Everyone will have wisdom coming through their DNA. It is your choice whether you want to pay attention and step forward into the New Era or not. The world is shifting. There is nothing that can stop it now. You can shift with ease listening to your heart and gentle whispers in your ear or continue on in the same manner, however, your path will become more and more difficult.

We are now on the fast track, taking us quickly into Ascension as we call it. We are not leaving the planet, we are expanding how we envision it and the desires of how we want our reality to look and feel. What looks dark to you now is simply the shifting of the pathways on Earth. It is all good. Celebrate the chaos, as chaos brings change. That is what we have been praying for. It is here, now accept it.



Since that day in the cemetery, Augtoro had been with Whisper. She could feel her presence when she was sad or happy. They were great friends.

Alternate Lives – Part Two

Alternate Lives

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper

Pegue: “Whisper, imagine each aspect as a real person just like you. What if each one had a different purpose, a different personality and was unique only to itself?

When your Divine Soul planned your lifetime on Earth you had many desires. You wanted to experience everything, be everyone, and live every possible scenario. What if each aspect appeared in your life as an angel, a spirit guide or power animal? What if your aspects were able to cross over into each other’s lives, helping, supporting and guiding each other? Who better to help you than a part of your Divine Soul?

Like the rocks, all of you can slip in and out of each other’s lives in order to place cue cards in front of you. You then have the opportunity to choose how you want to react or if you want to learn, grow or expand in each situation.

It could be an angry clerk, someone who cuts you off on the freeway or a homeless person that looks at you. Your various aspects are able to play many parts in order to push one of your buttons .You then choose who you want to be. They help you decide when you want to come from anger or love. One of them, sometimes all of them, are always there for you. No matter what. As you succeed so do they. They learn from you and you learn from them.

What if you were never alone? What if one of your aspects came to hold you when you were sad, abused, hated or killed? Who better to hold you and nurture you than a part of your own soul?

Each aspect slips in and out of your illusional world in order to help you on your journey. You do the same for them.

(It is not the author or Whispers intention to make you believe or disbelieve the above writings. Each person finds his or her own path way .Seeds are planted and allowed to grow or not. If something resonates take it into your heart, if it doesn’t release it and find another pathway. There is no judgment in this. Our paths are unique. The fun in the adventure is to discover the seeds that help you gain insights into what is next.)   

Watch for Part Three



Augtoro spoke quietly as the flames flared into magical portraits. “Your life is new, so try new things. Let go of old ways and all the “shoulds.”

Alternate Lives – Part 1

Alternate Lives

Channeled by Pegue through Whisper

As Whisper and Carroll explored the Enchanted Valley they came upon a Heart Wheel and they began to follow its path. As they came upon the dip in the heart, a group of rocks appeared to slip in and out of sight. They wondered if what they were seeing was real. Where were they slipping into Whisper had asked? (For more details check out 24 Hours in an Enchanted Valley available on Amazon)

During that 24 hours Whisper was also taken onto a spaceship commandeered by Pegue a space being who quickly became a great friend and teacher to Whisper.

The following is a conversation about Past Lives after Whisper returned home.

Pegue: “As the rocks slipped in and out of this illusion, your bodies, spirits and souls do the same thing. They slip in and out as needed. When they slip out of your earthly world others can still observe your bodies moving around carrying on your usual activities. Most are never aware that their souls are leaving their bodies, however, it is not that unusual since your souls always leave, slipping out of your world and into other dimensions while you sleep. There are many dimensions right here on your planet.

It appears to most that there is only one reality here, only one dimension, however there are many. You are only able to observe the one you resonate with. Masters have learned to change their vibration at will and can then move to other dimensions.”

Whisper: “When we slip out of our reality where do we go?”

Pegue: “We have been waiting for you to ask that question Whisper. Just like you slip in and out of your dimension so do all of your other aspects that are living in other lifetimes and dimensions. Many have believed in past lives, however, they are really alternate lives all playing out at the same time. There are no past lives. They all exist at the same time. How can you have a past life when there is no time or space?”

Think of each alternate life as a section of a wheel. Each section is a lifetime. Your original soul, at the time of your birth, released many aspects of itself. Each aspect began a lifetime where you could experience many adventures and play with various emotions all at once.

One aspect might be a warrior, another might be a person of great wealth, another might be very ill, and another might be a doctor. If you set the intention and ask your angels or guides to show you what you have always believed to be your past lives, you will begin to get a sense of your many aspects.

You have been everything and done everything. Each aspect was born into an earthly body, grew, learned, and experienced many things.

That was a pretty ingenious way for each main soul to experience everything in a short amount of time.”

(It is not the author or Whispers intention to make you believe or disbelieve the above writings. Each person finds his or her own path way.  Seeds are planted and allowed to grow or not. If something resonates take it into your heart, if it doesn’t release it and find another pathway. There is no judgment in this. Our paths are unique. The fun in the adventure is to discover the seeds that help you gain insights into what is next.)

Watch for Part Two